Tuesday, 28 November 2017

How to Clean and Maintain a Laminate Flooring in Singapore

Although it’s less prone to scratches and low maintenance than the wood flooring, laminate flooring must be maintained to ensure that it remains good for a very long time. While installing laminate flooring, you need to know that it’s not scratch proof. This means that lines and scratches can still be caused by dragging the furniture or other objects across the floor. To ensure that they remain gleaming, laminate floors need a special kind of treatment.

Among very many Singaporeans, laminate flooring is quite popular. This is because it has a beautiful appearance that is actually suitable for any house. If you have installed this kind of flooring, it’s very important to know how to maintain it. Here are some useful tips that you can use to maintain them.

· Buy a special cleaning kit- If you want to maintain and take good care of your laminate floor, you need to consider buying a special cleaning kit. This is a kit that’s specially designed for cleaning such floors. Although you can find several kits in the market, it’s very important to choose the best. When looking for one, you can visit home improvement stores and retailers. When it comes to choosing flooring tips and tricks, this is very important

· Sweeping laminate floors- Oils, dust, grease, moisture and other debris will always affect the texture and the appearance of the floor. You, therefore, need to sweep the floor with a vacuum or dry mop. When sweeping the floor, it’s advisable to sweep towards the direction of tile layout or grain. However, avoid standard brushes that have straw like bristles. These can easily scratch the floors and damage their surface.

· Use microfiber- This is perhaps one of the best things that you should do. Instead of using other brushes make sure you use microfiber dust mop for cleaning a laminate floor. This is not only high quality but also soft hence safe for such kinds of floors. The microfiber will also trap all impurities found on the floor. For instance, pet fur, dirt, sand, and other unwanted items should be swept away. Many Singaporeans believe that this kind of brushes can easily be used to clean laminate floors.

· Avoid dragging heavy objects across the floor- As compared to another flooring, dragging heavy objects can leave deep marks and scratches on the surface of the laminate flooring. This is because these floors are made of synthetic products. The inner layer of laminate flooring is made of a substance known as melamine resin which can easily scratch under a lot of pressure. These layers might also get detached due to the pressure on the joints that glue them together. This is very important in choosing flooring tips and tricks.

· Don’t use any harsh materials- This is also another tip that’s provided by most experts. When cleaning a laminate flooring, avoid using any harsh materials that might affect it. You should also ensure that your cleaning agents don’t contain any chemical agents that might be dangerous. Remember, some chemicals might be dangerous for the floor. If you want to maintain the quality of the floor, you need to consider the kind of cleaning agent that you are using.

· Keep the surface covered- Carpets and rugs should always be used under appliances and furniture and in certain areas such as the front and the back door, kitchen, and bathroom. Where moisture might gather, you should avoid spilling liquids at all costs since any sippage through the joints may damage and lead to swelling. If you like, you can use adhesive pads to shield and protect the surfaces from any scratches that might occur.

· Regular vacuum the floor- Just like other floorings, it’s also very important to vacuum your laminate flooring. Thankfully, this is a very easy step that you can easily follow. You need to ensure that you regularly vacuum the floor so that you can remove any kind of impurities. These include tiny stones, sand, and some other impurities. By eliminating them, you will be able to maintain your laminate flooring for a very long time.

· Your house should also be properly humidified- During the installation of laminate floors, there is a small gap maintained between the floor and the wall. This generally allows for the expansion and contraction that may occur during seasonal changes. Proper aeration and humidification will ensure that the laminate flooring does not get bent. A humidifier can also be used to maintain a good level of humidity level.

· Avoid using soap if you can- If you want to maintain your laminate flooring well, try to avoid using soap. Make sure you avoid using any detergent such as soaps for cleaning this flooring. This is because they can greatly reduce the quality of the materials. Apart from making your floor slippery, they can also interfere with the quality of flooring. This will go along way in protecting your families and children from any accidents. Thankfully, there are also many other detergents that are safe for your floor.

· Make sure you assess and repair them from time to time- Scratches, lines, and other damages should always be repaired with silicone and wax alternatives that match the color. This will go along way in preventing the accumulation dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles in these small spaces. While applying the colors, you need to be gently and use a soft cloth. In case there are extensive damages such as cracks , you need to replace the panels

· Clean up any spills as soon as you can-
This is also another very important tip. It’s important to know that most laminate floors are very sensitive to any kind of spillage. This is because they are likely to lead to permanent stains if they are not wiped immediately. Make sure you use a soft cloth while wiping them. By doing this, you will be able to eliminate any sports or stains on the floor.
Wrap up

Good maintenance and regular cleaning, sweeping, professional polishing and stain removal always plays a very important role in maintaining laminate floor. If you are not sure, you can hire the services of professional cleaning services to do the work on your behalf. By doing this, you will maintain the quality of your floor.