Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Different Types of Home Floorings and Their Benefits

The various factors that you should take into consideration while choosing floorings are cost, durability, cleaning, and installation. You should also think of the traffic when you decide on the flooring. Places like the living room, entrance, and walk away have high traffic flow and the floor have to withstand many footfalls, so for those places, you should think of durability rather than style. Restrooms and kitchens are places where the chances of slipping and skidding are more. So, those places should have a flooring that has a rough texture on the top. Plus, the floor coloring should allow one to see if any water is spilled, so there are no unwanted accidents.

Mud Flooring
-During the times of thatch houses, mud floors were the norm. In such a simplistic house, there was no other type of flooring that one could go for. Mud was pressed and patted till it reached a hard consistency, and became harder with regular walking.

Marble Tiles
-Marble floors are a great option for verandas, walkways, entrance, hall and other high-traffic areas. Marble tiles withstand wear and tear and are also easy to maintain. Plus, these tiles are available in a range of colors and textures and give a great facelift to any home interior.

Ceramic Tiles
-If you want to go for a look that's as classy as marble flooring, but lighter on the pocket, go for ceramic tiles. They are available in glazed and unglazed styles and come in a rainbow of colors to match any interior.

Stone Flooring
-You can find stone flooring in many places, especially the larger public buildings where many people visit. The different types of stones used for flooring are granite, sandstone and Kota stone. This type of floor is very sturdy and can withstand impacts and abrasions. Granite floors are becoming popular in residential buildings but can be a tad costly.

Brick Flooring

-This type of floor is best suited for outdoor areas. You can lay bricks in an interesting pattern to create a beautiful walkway or garden path. If you have mud bricks left over after the house construction is completed, you can ask the mason to lay these bricks around the garden. It is not only easy to install but economical and aesthetic too.

Cement Flooring
-This type of flooring has been around for ages, maybe from the time cement was invented. It's easy to install, economical and hard wearing. Plus, you don't have to buy any special materials to construct the floor. You can have it done with the available cement and your building mason. Red oxide is sometimes added to the cement before it is applied to give it a colorful sheen. This yesteryear flooring technique is slowly gaining popularity in many of the modern buildings.

How to Keep Different Floorings Clean and Tidy?

When you are planning to renovate your home floorings, you get a wide range to choose from. Nowadays, various types of floorings are available in the market. For instance, if you want to renovate your bathroom then it is advisable to choose ceramic tiles as these tiles won't get damaged due to water instead of absorbing water easily. But different floorings need a different style of cleaning that should be followed effectively to keep the floorings clean.

To keep your floorings you need to clean them regularly. For example, to maintain the quality and improve the durability of Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring you must clean it at regular intervals. However, as aforementioned, considering proper cleaning methods are highly essential to keep the floorings neat and tidy.

Here, we are providing some tips which can help you to keep good care of your floorings.

-Hardwood floorings - While cleaning hardwood floorings, always keep a few basic things in mind that are simple enough to make them clean. The very first thing is always to protect such floorings from the water. This is because these are hardwood floorings and water can easily expand and damage the wooden part of it. However, it can easily sustain dirt and grime thus while moping the hardwood flooring, make sure that the mob is properly wrung out. Besides, if some liquid spills on the floor then it required immediate cleaning. Here, on the suggestion to keep hardwood flooring clean is to place floor mats that will keep the filth on the mat only and prevent the floor from dust.

-Carpets and rugs -
For the effective cleaning of carpets, there are two important methods. One is simple cleaning that can be easily done is with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Another one is blemish removal which constitutes cleaning the carpets with special shampoos. This type of cleaning is only preferred when the carpet or rug is attained. You can easily find different stain removal shampoos for carpet and rug in the market or by visiting some online store.

-Ceramic tiles - To keep the ceramic tiles neat and tidy always, there are two methods that should be performed together. You need to sweep the ceramic tiles as well as mop the tiles subsequently.

These are some of the important tips to keep some of the most commonly used floorings. Besides, to get any of Flooring Installation, you can contact your nearest flooring provider. These providers provide most update designs and patterns for different floorings that too at affordable rates.

Moreover, these flooring providers wholesale hardwood flooring services as well.

The life of your carpeting and the finish of your house as a whole have a lot to do with your choice of flooring. The lifestyle you follow. Some of us prefer quiet lifestyles while others love to throw parties and have lots of fun. Some of us love to take stuff apart and work on it on our own. Some of us prefer to call the mechanic and get the job done by the experts. All this has an impact on the wear and tear that the tiles will have to bear.

The climate in the area where you live. If the temperature is on the lower side throughout the year, then it does not make sense to opt for expensive marble tiles. You will have to spend a lot on heating the house as marble remains cool at all times. On the other hand, the marble will be a good choice in a hot and humid environment as it will help keep your house cool naturally.