Monday, 12 December 2016

Benefits Of Installing Laminate Flooring

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your home décor? Is it the wall décor having amazing artworks or is it some antique furniture or maybe some lighting, wallpaper or carpet? Apart from these, do we miss something that is present in the house that is equally important as the other stuff?

Why do we forget about the flooring? It is one of our greatest things present in the house that will help maintain our balance whatsoever. Hence, let’s make it our best friend and provide the best care that it needs.

“Laminate flooring” or some may call it as “Floating Wood Tile” in some countries, is the talk of the town today and they are worth knowing all about. It’s catching everyone’s eye with its sleek décor paper comprising of wood grains flanked by the top protective layer and high-density melamine compound in the bottom layers.

The potential benefits of this flooring which is making all the home designers go awe with glory are:

Rapid Initiation 

· It’s all roses for the DIY (Do it yourself) homeowners. You can start with its installation as per your convenience without taking help from professional contractors, hence reducing your cash outflow.

· Installation is a child’s play if you have the basic tools to work with. A saw, a mallet, some measuring device and a detailed installation guide is all that you need, and you are good to start with your laminate flooring installation.

· The flooring area is measured, and regular pieces are cut from the laminated board to cover the space evenly. One just has to merge the pieces one after another in a uniform fashion. Once you join the planks, its settled for once and all. This new flooring’s installation is so concrete that you can immediately have a walk through over it and became relaxed that your installation is just perfect. What’s more? Pat your back! You are done with the installation!

· Apart from other benefits, it gives you some added advantage over other types of floorings. As compared to the other flooring materials, its parent laminated board is quite wider. It’s always a benefit to having some extra room. Isn’t it?

Reliability and Low Preservation 

· It’s quite an enduring piece and can withstand all wear and tear of the home problems. House floorings have to resist all kinds of rough usages, and a good flooring material should withstand every kind of uses that can come across in it’s life time. Laminated flooring is just a one-time investment and you are assured for the rest of your life as its sturdy and maintenance free. The several coats of the melamine compound in its layers are the reason for its durability and stiffness.

· What cuts your cost more? This laminated flooring is UV treated, so that it maintains its color and hence, the cost of giving it a retouch time to time is avoided or minimized to a pocket-friendly budget. You always have a peace of mind with these floorings.

· Thinking about cleanliness? Not an issue at all! Mild cleaning will suffice. Water or window cleaning solution will work best. Just a small point to note here. Make sure to use a towel to dry clean it after using the solution, as moisture remaining on the flooring would reduce its life expectancy and would attract dust and dirt, making the facile cleaning procedure cumbersome.

· Good news for the recent buyers. The laminated flooring makers have deployed methods to make the flooring water resistant which is being used in bathroom and kitchen areas. Thus, reducing the risk of damaging the flooring (swelling of floors due to moisture) and making the cleaning process a lot easier. This feature only adds to a more sophisticated and durable feel and finish to this flooring material.

One Size Fits All

· Be it your living room, dinning rooms, guest rooms or your luxurious bedrooms, these laminated floorings have made their way all within your home. You will simply find no reason for not using these wonderful floorings at every corner of your house.

· Thanks to the newly developed technology, due to which the bathroom and kitchen series of laminated floorings are becoming way popular. Because of their water resistant capabilities, these floorings are a joy to use in the areas that were never thought to be used at.

· Thinking to match your carpet or your wall color with your floor? Not a hassle with the laminated flooring. It has an extensible and myriad range of colors, designs, and styles that you can create great combinations with them for all your rooms in the house.

The Cost Factor – An Important Concern for Many

· Not want to invest much in flooring? Heavy costs need to be incurred in artworks, lighting, furnishings or other home accessories? Having a tight budget? Want to invest less and get good returns? Whatever your worries or concerns may be, the laminated flooring is a perfect choice. It’s like your ray of hope in times of distress.

· It’s quite affordable and worth it. You don’t have to dig a big hole in your pocket to get this ultimate flooring.

· Just the right choice of laminate flooring – stone, wood or ceramic, the color, design and a few bucks and you are good to start with your first DIY project.

A Call for Hygiene! 

· A “laminated flooring” using family is a healthy family because it gives you a healthier living environment as compared to the other flooring materials.

· It’s your family caretaker as it prevents the growth of mites and other insects that breed on food remains or spillovers. Hence, reducing your chances of becoming ill. Including this flooring to your home décor is a benefit in the long run.

· Considering its potential advantages, it’s a panacea solution for all your flooring needs. This modern and precised flooring is the new way to a more sophisticated home décor. This would not only ameliorate the value of your favorite asset but would also place it at the state of the art level. It’s a perfect flooring to make your family members eminent, and neighbors spellbound. Isn’t it?

Today’s economy is leapfrogging at an alarming rate. The changes in technology are constant and always increasing manifold with the blink of an eye. Changing with the change and adapting these new trends is the need of the day. Hence, don’t think twice and adopt only laminated flooring to give your home a touch of pure elegance.