Sunday, 14 February 2016

What Is the Best Laminate Flooring Color To Choose in 2016?

Flooring is one of the features of a house which can not only provide it long lasting durability but also comfort under your feet. If you are planning to complete your flooring project in 2016 but your budget is limited then laminate flooring can be the best choice for you as compared to other flooring options available in the market. Laminate flooring is preferred by most of the budgetary homeowners due to various reasons.

Reasons to choose laminate flooring

Highest durability: Being made of high density fibre board laminate flooring provides the best durability to your home along with improving its looks for long time. For this reason this flooring option is recommended by the experts for high traffic areas in a home or a commercial place.

Value for money: Being more affordable than carpet flooring and hardwood flooring, laminate flooring really offers the value of your money. Being resistant to scratches, fading and stains it does not require specialised cleaning which also saves your money in the long run along with providing unbelievable durability to your home.

Easy to install: The installation of laminate flooring is very easy as it does not require much expertise. You can use DIY technique if you have enough time for it but if your work schedule is busy then you can hire a professional contractor at a very reasonable price. It does not require special glue for its installation as it can be snapped into each other with groove and tongue technique.

Easy to clean and maintain: No other flooring can be as easy to clean as laminate flooring as no wax, varnish, special chemical or polish is used on it to finish its top layer. You can clean it and maintain its looks easily by using a micro-fibre mop dipped in anti-bacterial solution after cleaning it dry.

Easy to replace: Laminate flooring can be replaced easily if moisture gats under it as it neither contracts nor expands with the change in temperature. If it gets damaged due to any reason then instead of replacing the whole flooring you can replace only its damaged section to maintain its looks.

Great option for kids and allergy sufferers: Laminate flooring is the best option for the people suffering from allergies and the kids playing around the floor as no harsh chemicals are used in making it. Moreover it neither spills nor absorbs dust like carpets. Its plastic exterior and airtight locking system save it from moisture like other sanitary products.

Wide choice of colors and textures: Last but not the least reason f opting for laminate flooring is its availability if various types of textures and trendy colors which can provide new look to your home in 2016. You can choose from these colors as per the suitability of your environment. Moreover laminate flooring is also available in the textures resembling to that of hardwood flooring and other contemporary finishes. In this way you can give an elegant look to your home at a reasonable cost by choosing the color and texture of laminate flooring carefully.

The trendy colors of laminate flooring to choose in 2016

Though laminate flooring is available in wide variety of colors and textures but most trending colors and textures in 2016 can be few of them. Brief information about some of the most trending colors of laminate flooring in2016 is given here under for you to make a right decision in this regard.

Whitewash: If you want to give a spacious and bright look to your interior then laminate flooring in white wash color can be the best option as compared to dark chocolate of espresso brown colors used popularly till now. This color of your flooring will provide soft and tranquilising feeling to your home like seaside or a beach home. It can be the best flooring option for your elegant dining as well as living rooms.

Greige: It is one of the most unusual colors found in laminate flooring. Most of you might not have heard about this shade till now. This shade is becoming popular in 2016 due to its neutral and fresh looks which can give sophisticated tone to your interior. The color Greige is somewhere between beige and gray shades popularly used for flooring to give them European look. This shade of your laminate flooring will proved a bit warmer but softer look to your home as compared to gray.

Parquet: This color of laminate flooring can be the best to give your interior a traditional look. This color was used as one of the popular flooring style in France in 17th century. After the introduction of plank type flooring since last few decades parquet is considered as one of the modest colors for this purpose. This historically inspired flooring color can give an artistic and elegant look to the space. It is an enticing flooring shade for new floors as compared to grey and other similar shades.

Chevron patterns: This pattern in laminate flooring is popularly used these days not only on the floors but also on the walls as compared to herringbone floor patterns, which was poplar since last many years. It is popularly used in modern constructions for its stunning visuals along with the traditional designs its motifs reflect. This pattern is available in both dark and light colors so that you can choose from then according to the density of texture you want in your home. The lines in this pattern give a feel of natural grins of the wood whereas the geometrical and bold look of the pattern suits with all types of laminate flooring.

So you can choose the colour of your laminate flooring in 2016 from the options given in this write-up as well as according to the decor of your room. You can choose trendy flooring for your home even if you like contemporary, modern pr traditional designs for it. It is suitable time to choose the colour of your laminate flooring in 2016 as they are available in a wide variety of attractive textures and colors.