Monday, 17 April 2017

Your Guide on Using Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has gained recognition in recent times. This is because it can satisfy your house with the effect of having hardwood floor coverings at a fraction of the cost. Individuals are inclined to pick out this flooring over the hardwood because it is constructed to look the same, but it is certainly not nearly as costly. It is also easier to wash as the top side of laminate flooring is painted to resemble hardwood, but it, in fact, is not. Having new flooring put in your house is often a rather costly investment, so it is crucial to make an effort to save money wherever you're able. If you discover that you would like to buy laminate flooring for their beneficial properties, you shall also require knowing some of the techniques and tricks that you can use to budget additional hard earned money.

When you purchase flooring, in most cases you will need to account for how much extra it will cost you to have it professionally installed. One way to save on this cost is to fix it yourself.

The essential place to consider when you are hoping to save money on your laminate flooring is at a surplus store. They can usually sell you the product that you want at a much cheaper cost than you would find at other stores. You can even make your purchase more affordable by picking out colors and types of laminate flooring that are not hugely popular. If you do a search online, you may even be able to locate a coupon or discount that can make your purchase less expensive. The same goes for if you choose the off brands of flooring. This typically does not mean that they are any lower in quality, but most homeowners usually purchase brand names that they have heard of before.

Having new laminate flooring introduced is costly, yet if you are brilliant about your buy, you can spare some cash all the while. The tips above are principle ways that you can save money on your laminate flooring. Keep in mind that picking laminate flooring, to start with, is substantially less costly than picking a portion of alternate sorts of hard flooring.

Laminate flooring is a standout amongst the most prevalent flooring types across the United States, and especially in warmer climates. The flooring is easy to install, cost effective and attractive--a threefold collection of benefits that often pushes it over its highest-ranked competitors which are carpet, tile and wood flooring.

While cost effective, it is still wise to care for your laminate flooring as well as possible, and this includes taking part in regular maintenance and cleaning the floors as correctly and efficiently as possible. Laminate floors are resilient and can handle wear and tear much better than other forms of flooring, but that doesn't mean you should take them for granted. Taking good care of your laminate floors can leave them looking just as nice as the day you had them professionally installed.

Here are a few tips to clean and take care of your laminate floors:

*Sweep daily: Keep a broom somewhere handy and give the floors a quick sweep before turning in for the night. Getting loose debris off the ground and clearing the floor of loose dirt is an excellent way to maintain the integrity of the floor.

-Vacuum regularly: It is impractical to think you will get the vacuum out every day, but try to vacuum your floors as frequently as possible. Vacuums took up dirt, debris and other particles that could ultimately damage the floor, especially if left and walked over repeatedly for an extended period.

-Use rugs: Keep a rug on the floor to protect highly trafficked areas, such as doorways or in front of the oven or stove. Rugs will absorb a lot of the regular pressure that comes from repeated walking and can capture loose dirt before it becomes impacted into the ground.

-Use protectors on furniture: Dirt will often come off of the laminate flooring, even if it requires a bit of elbow grease to get it off. One thing that cannot be fixed so easily is a scratch. Chairs and tables are guilty of moving ever so slightly as you stand up or sit down, and this continuous movement can cause scratches to develop under the legs. Use felted protectors on the legs or feet of your tables, couches, chairs and other furniture to protect your laminate flooring.

The best cleaning supplies to use on your laminate flooring will depend on the particular material and design of your floors. As a general rule, avoid steam cleaning whenever possible. This can interfere with the lamination process and cause lots of damage to laminate floors.

The original basis behind the carbon underfloor heating system is the successful implementation of several components. A thin specially-made insulation layer is installed on your floors first, followed by introducing the carbon elements. A moisture barrier is then laid to protect both the carbon parts and your laminate flooring. These connected components are no more than a few millimeters thick and are designed to replace the usual underlay that would be laid beneath the laminate flooring.

You control your under floor heating system by way of a digital thermostat so you can control the ambient temperature in your rooms with a push of a button.

The fantastic design of the heating element means that it can be cut to suit any room and even be laid around corners.

You can install your heating system on either timber or concrete flooring easily, so along with the stunning finish of your timber laminate flooring makes your home the perfect low maintenance home. Under the floor laminate heating systems don't require maintenance every season like other heaters and your laminate flooring is very easy to care for.

Timber laminate under floor heating systems are incredibly energy efficient and can be very economical to run compared with other heating units and are completely silent when operating. These systems are highly recommended for people living with asthma or those afflicted by allergies.

Friday, 10 March 2017

The Basics Of Laminate Flooring

Floors come in various shapes, forms, and sizes and are made of various types of materials. These include vinyl floors, concrete/cement, tiles, laminate and hardwood, to mention but a few. The scope of the discussions that follow shall narrow down to the laminate flooring by exploring its history, benefits/advantages, downsides/disadvantages, and the various factors to consider while choosing one.

What is Laminate Flooring?

It is a type of multi-layer synthetic flooring product. It is manufactured by fusing together several layers of synthetic fibers in a process called lamination. It is intended to simulate wood or stone or other natural building materials. Its interior comprises fiber board materials and melamine resin, whereas its exterior is coated with an appliqué protective layer. It is quite a popular substitute for traditional home flooring owing to its durable, portable, and easy-to-install nature.

Brief History of Laminate Flooring 

Laminate flooring materials have a very recent yet intricate history. The first laminate floor was manufactured in the year 1977 in Sweden by the Swedish flooring company, Perstorp Company. It was first marketed in Europe in 1984, and ten years later to the United States of America. Later on in 1996, another Swedish flooring company, Välinge Innovation (formerly Välinge Aluminium) invented the glue-less laminate floor. This was sold under the trade names of Fiboloc and Alloc. Different yet complementary glue-less system for holding together laminate flooring panels was also developed by the Belgian company Unilin in 1997.

Advantages/Benefits of Laminate Flooring

The following are but a few of the benefits and advantages of the laminate flooring:

· Versatile – Laminate flooring, by nature, is quite easy to shape and avail in a wide variety of sizes and colors. This trait grants the home owners the freedom to alter the colors, shapes, and patterns of these floors to suit their unique liking, appearance, and thematic colors. They thus ensure harmony between the floors and the general interior ambience of the home owners who opt to adopt them.

· Durable – These types of floors are very durable. They are very resistant to the common elements of wear and tear such as corrosion, cleavages, rusting, dampening, or scratches, to name but a few. For this reason, they negate the need for constant and endless repairs and maintenance and consequently grant the home owners the freedom to enjoy all that they have to offer. They also ensure greater returns to money for the home owners in the long run.

· Ease of Cleanliness and Maintenance – Owing to the fact that only dry methods of cleanliness such as dusting and sweeping may be used on these types of floors, they are comparatively easy to clean and maintain. They save on water consumption since they are not mopped to keep clean. Home owners who opt to utilize them therefore stand to reap huge benefits in the form of reduced labor and utility costs as well as time. What’s more? No professional or skilled expertise is also required, a fact that greatly saves on money spent.

· Ease of Installation – Installing these types of floors is very simple and self-explanatory. The constituent blocks/slabs simply need to be locked and floated into shape. Any handy person with the most basic of all the carpentry skills is therefore able to undertake the installation process with relative ease. Moreover, the cost of hiring a skilled and professional workman, if need be, is generally lower than those of other types of floors.

· Cheaper – The cost of acquiring and maintaining these types of floors in the long run are both cheaper when weighed against the potential benefits that home owners stand to accrue from them and with the prices of competing flooring types also. Their acquisition and usage do not exert unnecessary financial burdens to the prospective users at all.

· Hygienic – The surface of a laminate floor is designed to repel dirt, dust, and other agents of dirt. They rarely get dirty and are thus less likely to harbor pathogens such as houseflies that have the potential of causing diseases.

Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring 

As is the case with just about every other type of home flooring, the laminate flooring also have their fair share of downsides/disadvantages, a few of which are outlined and explained below. Prolonged exposure to laminate flooring has the potential to inflict the following health problems:

· Respiratory Illnesses – These are sicknesses that affect the nasal cavity and the respiratory tract such as lungs, nose, and chest cavity and so on. These could be manifested by coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and sore throat, to mention but a few.

· Skin Infections – When exposed to the skin, formaldehyde can cause skin irritations, itching, and rashes.

· Allergies – Those members of a household that have chronic and persistent respiratory illnesses such as asthma may develop allergic reactions whenever they inhale gases that have a sizable quantity of formaldehyde for too long.

· Cancer – Several studies have deduced that frequent and prolonged exposure to formaldehyde has the effect of causing various kinds of cancer.

Factors to Consider when looking for a suitable Laminate Floor

Several factors ought to be considered before deciding whether to settle on the laminate flooring in the first place

· Final Resource Endowment – Laminate flooring come in various types, sizes and shapes each with its own cost. It is incumbent upon each and every prospective user/home owner to ascertain his own financial endowment first before embarking on the task of finding an appropriate laminate floor that is more likely to suit his needs.

· Special Health Needs – As has been stated above, prolonged and frequent exposure to these types of floors have the possibility of inflicting certain health risks such as cancer, respiratory illnesses, and skin infections, among others. Should a member of a household be allergic or predisposed to respiratory illnesses, then it would not be advisable to opt for these types of flooring.

· Interior Décor – These types of floors come in various colors and themes. Each home owner should therefore look for those laminate floors that rhyme/blend with his own interior décor and other pieces of furniture in the home.

· Intended Duration of Use – Laminate flooring come in various forms. Some variants have multiple durable layers which are primarily designed to enhance their durability. Should a home owner intend to have these flooring as a permanent flooring, then the more sophisticated/durable variants should be chosen and vice versa.


The task of choosing the most suitable laminate flooring may be quite intricate and daunting to an ordinary home owner who obviously lacks the requisite technical background. Home owners in Singapore who are interested in acquiring and adopting these types of floors are thus encouraged to approach only competent, experienced and highly-qualified companies in the course of so doing to be sure of the very best results.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Why You Should Choose Laminate Flooring

Singapore is a tropical city with hot and humid weather. Laminate flooring is one of the most commonly used types of flooring in Singapore as it is readily available in the city. It is especially desired because of its numerous designs and patterns.

Below are some explained reasons why you should go for Laminated Flooring.

Why choose Laminate Flooring

• Easy to install- A homeowner can personally install these floors with the provided glue or clicking the pangs and tongues together. Professionals can also be called in to help in the installation process which takes very little time to finish.

• Realistic- Laminate flooring is developed and designed with to of the art technologies to give you your money’s worth. Laminate flooring gives you realistic-looking low maintenance floors with various designs to choose from. The resemblance of laminate flooring and hardwood flooring is undisputable.

• Durable – This flooring is designed with ease of maintenance and durability in mind. You never have to worry about your floor dulling with each day scratches or from everyday dirt and dust. This is because of the infusion of aluminum crystals at the top of the layer of the laminate flooring which significantly increases resistance to abrasion.

• Stain and fading resistant- In the event that stains such as paint are spilled onto the floor, acetone-based removers can be to leave your floors clean and sparkly.

Laminate flooring is easy to install especially for a DIY homeowners but if you feel you can’t really do it, you can always call a certified professional to help you out. This flooring is designed with tongues and planks that can be clicked into another or a glue backing to ease the installation process.

Here are a few things you should do before installation

• Repair any damages that might be on the floor
• Clear the installation area from all furniture and dirt.
• Inspect the laminate floorings to make sure all the pieces are there

During installation-
• The installed floors float over the sub-floor on top of a film underlayment to help in reducing sound and moisture might that accumulate.

• Underlays are left for moisture control, expansion and contraction of the floor.

• As the homeowner, have an idea of how you want to orient your flooring as to ensure the flooring as well as the measurements to ensure the floorings fit well.

• Improper installation will result to peaking whereby a V shape projecting from the floor is formed by adjacent boards. Gaps are formed and are easily visible which is quite unsightly so if you cannot do the job, have a professional help you out.

Care and Cleaning-
Laminate floorings will give your home an expensive neat look that will last for years without the need of replacement. Cleaning and maintain theses floors is quiet easy for everyday home cleaners.

• Caring for these floorings starts during installation where planks have to be tapped together using appropriate tools to seal off the gaps so as to prevent dirt from filling into any openings that may be left.

• Use a vacuum cleaner with suction only or a dust mop or even a soft bristle broom to remove dirt and dust when cleaning.

• Stain such as markers can be removed with acetone-bases nail polish and substances such as wax or gum can be removed gently scraping with a plastic scraper to avoid scratching the surface.

• Avoid spilling water or using a wet mop on the floors as these causes the floors to swell and warp.

• You can also use high quality floor mats or adhesive felt pads on the feet of heavy furniture to prevent scratching.

• Arrange your furniture and rugs often to aid your floor in aging evenly.

There are several advantages and disadvantages that come wit laminate floorings that we have to look at so that you can have all the knowledge you need if you are thinking of having these floors installed in your home.


• Affordable- if you are looking for a floor that will benefit your wallet and till give your homes an elegant look to it, laminate floorings are the way to go. It will give you a floor that is similar to that of hardwood but cheaper. You will spend years before you replace your floor which saves you money on the long run.

• Versatility- the printing process of laminate flooring can simulate hardwood which is available in many designs and patterns. They can also reproduce the appearance of natural stone and ceramic flooring materials.

• Durable- with proper maintenance and cleaning laminate floorings can serve you for about 10 to 15 years due to the melanin plastic wear layer used for the top surface of these floors.

• Easy to maintain- laminate flooring is finished with a sleek layer of that is easy to clean and remove stains to make it clean the entire floor tee.

• Requires less skills to install- a homeowner easily call install these floorings with the help of the directions given in the user manual. Professionals can also help in the installation to ensure that the planks are correctly set in place.


• A sub-floor is required during installation to reduce the foot sound in a room. This is because the floor tends to carry vibrations through floors.

• These floorings cannot be refinishes or sanded in case they are damaged or scratched. Once planks are damaged they have to be replaced to avoid further damage that might expose the core layers to dirt and moisture

Laminate floorings are a great choice for people living in the tropical city of Singapore. This is for you if you want to have a floor that looks like hard wood and one that is friendly to your pocket. Get yourself these amazing floors to make your house feel and look like a home with a unique flooring design that will make your visitors want to move in!

Monday, 12 December 2016

Benefits Of Installing Laminate Flooring

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your home décor? Is it the wall décor having amazing artworks or is it some antique furniture or maybe some lighting, wallpaper or carpet? Apart from these, do we miss something that is present in the house that is equally important as the other stuff?

Why do we forget about the flooring? It is one of our greatest things present in the house that will help maintain our balance whatsoever. Hence, let’s make it our best friend and provide the best care that it needs.

“Laminate flooring” or some may call it as “Floating Wood Tile” in some countries, is the talk of the town today and they are worth knowing all about. It’s catching everyone’s eye with its sleek décor paper comprising of wood grains flanked by the top protective layer and high-density melamine compound in the bottom layers.

The potential benefits of this flooring which is making all the home designers go awe with glory are:

Rapid Initiation 

· It’s all roses for the DIY (Do it yourself) homeowners. You can start with its installation as per your convenience without taking help from professional contractors, hence reducing your cash outflow.

· Installation is a child’s play if you have the basic tools to work with. A saw, a mallet, some measuring device and a detailed installation guide is all that you need, and you are good to start with your laminate flooring installation.

· The flooring area is measured, and regular pieces are cut from the laminated board to cover the space evenly. One just has to merge the pieces one after another in a uniform fashion. Once you join the planks, its settled for once and all. This new flooring’s installation is so concrete that you can immediately have a walk through over it and became relaxed that your installation is just perfect. What’s more? Pat your back! You are done with the installation!

· Apart from other benefits, it gives you some added advantage over other types of floorings. As compared to the other flooring materials, its parent laminated board is quite wider. It’s always a benefit to having some extra room. Isn’t it?

Reliability and Low Preservation 

· It’s quite an enduring piece and can withstand all wear and tear of the home problems. House floorings have to resist all kinds of rough usages, and a good flooring material should withstand every kind of uses that can come across in it’s life time. Laminated flooring is just a one-time investment and you are assured for the rest of your life as its sturdy and maintenance free. The several coats of the melamine compound in its layers are the reason for its durability and stiffness.

· What cuts your cost more? This laminated flooring is UV treated, so that it maintains its color and hence, the cost of giving it a retouch time to time is avoided or minimized to a pocket-friendly budget. You always have a peace of mind with these floorings.

· Thinking about cleanliness? Not an issue at all! Mild cleaning will suffice. Water or window cleaning solution will work best. Just a small point to note here. Make sure to use a towel to dry clean it after using the solution, as moisture remaining on the flooring would reduce its life expectancy and would attract dust and dirt, making the facile cleaning procedure cumbersome.

· Good news for the recent buyers. The laminated flooring makers have deployed methods to make the flooring water resistant which is being used in bathroom and kitchen areas. Thus, reducing the risk of damaging the flooring (swelling of floors due to moisture) and making the cleaning process a lot easier. This feature only adds to a more sophisticated and durable feel and finish to this flooring material.

One Size Fits All

· Be it your living room, dinning rooms, guest rooms or your luxurious bedrooms, these laminated floorings have made their way all within your home. You will simply find no reason for not using these wonderful floorings at every corner of your house.

· Thanks to the newly developed technology, due to which the bathroom and kitchen series of laminated floorings are becoming way popular. Because of their water resistant capabilities, these floorings are a joy to use in the areas that were never thought to be used at.

· Thinking to match your carpet or your wall color with your floor? Not a hassle with the laminated flooring. It has an extensible and myriad range of colors, designs, and styles that you can create great combinations with them for all your rooms in the house.

The Cost Factor – An Important Concern for Many

· Not want to invest much in flooring? Heavy costs need to be incurred in artworks, lighting, furnishings or other home accessories? Having a tight budget? Want to invest less and get good returns? Whatever your worries or concerns may be, the laminated flooring is a perfect choice. It’s like your ray of hope in times of distress.

· It’s quite affordable and worth it. You don’t have to dig a big hole in your pocket to get this ultimate flooring.

· Just the right choice of laminate flooring – stone, wood or ceramic, the color, design and a few bucks and you are good to start with your first DIY project.

A Call for Hygiene! 

· A “laminated flooring” using family is a healthy family because it gives you a healthier living environment as compared to the other flooring materials.

· It’s your family caretaker as it prevents the growth of mites and other insects that breed on food remains or spillovers. Hence, reducing your chances of becoming ill. Including this flooring to your home décor is a benefit in the long run.

· Considering its potential advantages, it’s a panacea solution for all your flooring needs. This modern and precised flooring is the new way to a more sophisticated home décor. This would not only ameliorate the value of your favorite asset but would also place it at the state of the art level. It’s a perfect flooring to make your family members eminent, and neighbors spellbound. Isn’t it?

Today’s economy is leapfrogging at an alarming rate. The changes in technology are constant and always increasing manifold with the blink of an eye. Changing with the change and adapting these new trends is the need of the day. Hence, don’t think twice and adopt only laminated flooring to give your home a touch of pure elegance.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Is Vinyl Flooring Harmful To Health?

The popularity of vinyl flooring has been rising each and every day and today, it is so common to find vinyl floors in practically all residential and commercial buildings. To be honest vinyl floors are more durable, they last long and are also relatively affordable compared to other options in the market. A lot of new developments in Singapore have definitely utilized vinyl floors not really knowing the extent of dangers they bring. However, the million dollar question today is related to the health implications of these floors. Are they safe? Could you be endangering your health by installing a vinyl floor in your home? Well, all these questions will be answered in depth in the points below.

Why Are Vinyl Floors Becoming A Problem?

Many people in Singapore already have vinyl floors and as such, you may wonder why concerns about the safety of vinyl tiles and other flooring materials are coming into question today. Well, there have been a number of studies that have actually shown that vinyl flooring contains a number of harmful chemicals. Studies show that vinyl’s floors have a certain degree of carcinogenic compounds arising form the Dioxins involved in the manufacture of PVC – the most predominant substance in Vinyl floors. There are also dangerous Phthalates and traces of toxic mercury.

What Are The Dangers Of Vinyl Floors?

There are a number of health related dangers that are today associated with vinyl floors and in fact, some of these dangers are highlighted in detail here below:

Child poisoning – Studies have shown that vinyl flooring actually contains some of the major substances banned in children products. According to these reports, over half of all vinyl flooring products in home improvement stores today contain substances known as phthalates. This is one of the most harmful chemical for children and has often been banned in many child related product. Sadly, many kids today are exposed to the substances right under their feet all thanks to vinyl floors.

Phthalates can cause Asthma – The Phthalates contained in PVC floors are not only affecting children but have also been blamed for causing asthma among adults. You have to remember that these phthalates are very toxic and the worst thing is they have the ability to remain active on your surrounding for a very long time. This simply increases their potency of creating health risks substantially.

Exposure to fire can lead to deadly consequences – The most predominant chemical in vinyl floors is chlorine. When vinyl floors are exposed to fire or excessive heat, they may release a toxic gas known as hydrogen chloride gas. This is one of the most toxic gases that can affect your respiratory system and even lead to death.

Carcinogenic Dioxins – Studies have also shown that a number of vinyl floors also contain cancer causing Dioxins that are actually released during the manufacture of PVC. These dioxins can integrate in the surrounding and stay there for years eating you slowly without even knowing it. Although there are no know cases in Singapore where the Dioxins in PVC have led to cancer, there is enough prove that he Dioxins have the potential of causing and accelerating cancer.

Dangerous to construction workers and contractors – The people who are responsible for installing or repairing vinyl flooring stand the biggest risk of suffering from health related implications associated with these floors. Contractors come into contact with vinyl flooring practically every day of their lives and continuous exposure may lead to so many dangerous health consequences. The sad thing is very few construction workers and contractors are aware of the risk they are putting themselves in every day.

- The Environmental Impact of PVC
Aside from the personal health risks that vinyl flooring causes, there is also the big environmental impact they can have especially if not disposed correctly. PVC is practically the most dangerous plastic in the market and of course it is a hydrocarbon. Although there are a few effective ways of disposing these plastic, the ordinary homeowner may not be ware of them.

Many people may decide to burn or simply throw away worn out or old vinyl floors to the dumpster. This can cause a lot of environmental dangers. First of all, burning PVC releases hydrogen Chloride and also Carbon Monoxide which are two very toxic gases. Secondly, this will also play a part in increasing carbon levels on the atmosphere and hence contributing to climate change and global warming.

What Alternatives Do You Have?

In case you don’t want to risk the health of your family, then you may want to take a different flooring option for your home. The great thing is that Singapore has a number of flooring options that are equally stronger like Vinyl floors but safer. The following are a few alternatives that you can consider for flooring:

• Ceramic Floors – Ceramic floors are a little bit cheaper compared to vinyl and while they may not be as strong, they are still a great option for any home. Additionally, it is very easy to clean ceramic floors.

• Hardwood Floors – Hardwood floors are extremely durable and classy at the same time. However, they are the most expensive flooring options so make sure you set your budget accordingly. However, unlike vinyl, hardwood floors are 100% safe.

• Stone floors – Stone floors may not be classy or elegant as ceramic tiles but with proper installation and a few decorations here and there, they can definitely do the trick. The installation process is easier and the flooring lasts very long.


There is no doubt more research is needed to fully ascertain the extent of the risks vinyl flooring poses to humans. However, early warning signs are very clear. Vinyl floors may be strong, affordable and long lasting but then again, they have harmful chemicals that may not be ideal for any home or commercial space. Moving from vinyl floors to safer and risk free options is now a possibility for most people and looking at the negative health implications vinyl floors have, it is not hard to understand why. The great thing is that there are other great flooring options that can rival vinyl in practically all respects. In that case, you don’t need to risk your health or that of your children anymore.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

What Is the Best Laminate Flooring Color To Choose in 2016?

Flooring is one of the features of a house which can not only provide it long lasting durability but also comfort under your feet. If you are planning to complete your flooring project in 2016 but your budget is limited then laminate flooring can be the best choice for you as compared to other flooring options available in the market. Laminate flooring is preferred by most of the budgetary homeowners due to various reasons.

Reasons to choose laminate flooring

Highest durability: Being made of high density fibre board laminate flooring provides the best durability to your home along with improving its looks for long time. For this reason this flooring option is recommended by the experts for high traffic areas in a home or a commercial place.

Value for money: Being more affordable than carpet flooring and hardwood flooring, laminate flooring really offers the value of your money. Being resistant to scratches, fading and stains it does not require specialised cleaning which also saves your money in the long run along with providing unbelievable durability to your home.

Easy to install: The installation of laminate flooring is very easy as it does not require much expertise. You can use DIY technique if you have enough time for it but if your work schedule is busy then you can hire a professional contractor at a very reasonable price. It does not require special glue for its installation as it can be snapped into each other with groove and tongue technique.

Easy to clean and maintain: No other flooring can be as easy to clean as laminate flooring as no wax, varnish, special chemical or polish is used on it to finish its top layer. You can clean it and maintain its looks easily by using a micro-fibre mop dipped in anti-bacterial solution after cleaning it dry.

Easy to replace: Laminate flooring can be replaced easily if moisture gats under it as it neither contracts nor expands with the change in temperature. If it gets damaged due to any reason then instead of replacing the whole flooring you can replace only its damaged section to maintain its looks.

Great option for kids and allergy sufferers: Laminate flooring is the best option for the people suffering from allergies and the kids playing around the floor as no harsh chemicals are used in making it. Moreover it neither spills nor absorbs dust like carpets. Its plastic exterior and airtight locking system save it from moisture like other sanitary products.

Wide choice of colors and textures: Last but not the least reason f opting for laminate flooring is its availability if various types of textures and trendy colors which can provide new look to your home in 2016. You can choose from these colors as per the suitability of your environment. Moreover laminate flooring is also available in the textures resembling to that of hardwood flooring and other contemporary finishes. In this way you can give an elegant look to your home at a reasonable cost by choosing the color and texture of laminate flooring carefully.

The trendy colors of laminate flooring to choose in 2016

Though laminate flooring is available in wide variety of colors and textures but most trending colors and textures in 2016 can be few of them. Brief information about some of the most trending colors of laminate flooring in2016 is given here under for you to make a right decision in this regard.

Whitewash: If you want to give a spacious and bright look to your interior then laminate flooring in white wash color can be the best option as compared to dark chocolate of espresso brown colors used popularly till now. This color of your flooring will provide soft and tranquilising feeling to your home like seaside or a beach home. It can be the best flooring option for your elegant dining as well as living rooms.

Greige: It is one of the most unusual colors found in laminate flooring. Most of you might not have heard about this shade till now. This shade is becoming popular in 2016 due to its neutral and fresh looks which can give sophisticated tone to your interior. The color Greige is somewhere between beige and gray shades popularly used for flooring to give them European look. This shade of your laminate flooring will proved a bit warmer but softer look to your home as compared to gray.

Parquet: This color of laminate flooring can be the best to give your interior a traditional look. This color was used as one of the popular flooring style in France in 17th century. After the introduction of plank type flooring since last few decades parquet is considered as one of the modest colors for this purpose. This historically inspired flooring color can give an artistic and elegant look to the space. It is an enticing flooring shade for new floors as compared to grey and other similar shades.

Chevron patterns: This pattern in laminate flooring is popularly used these days not only on the floors but also on the walls as compared to herringbone floor patterns, which was poplar since last many years. It is popularly used in modern constructions for its stunning visuals along with the traditional designs its motifs reflect. This pattern is available in both dark and light colors so that you can choose from then according to the density of texture you want in your home. The lines in this pattern give a feel of natural grins of the wood whereas the geometrical and bold look of the pattern suits with all types of laminate flooring.

So you can choose the colour of your laminate flooring in 2016 from the options given in this write-up as well as according to the decor of your room. You can choose trendy flooring for your home even if you like contemporary, modern pr traditional designs for it. It is suitable time to choose the colour of your laminate flooring in 2016 as they are available in a wide variety of attractive textures and colors.